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Submersible Dewatering Pumps

Submersible pumps are an effective, inexpensive solution for dewatering whether on an opencast mine or quarry site, in an underground mine, on a construction site or anywhere else that dewatering needs to be done. These encapsulated pumps can be completely submerged in liquid and are most frequently used to transport drainage water, excess groundwater or any other liquids with suspended solids.

At IPR, we offer leading submersible dewatering pump brands suitable for operation in a variety of tough environments and all are built to withstand the arduous operating conditions on these types of sites. The wide range of electrically driven submersible pumps available from IPR include portable mini-pumps through to large drainage pumps allowing us to cater for diverse applications including those found in industries such as manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, petrochemical, oil and gas, quarrying, construction and both surface and underground mining.

All submersible dewatering pumps available from IPR are covered by the OEM warranty.

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Drainage pumps

The WEDA drainage pumps handle either clean or dirty water, even with small solids with the best performance and efficiency.

Applications: general dewatering, ground water, raw water and construction sites.

  • Specific gravity up to 1,1
  • Top discharge design
  • Solid handling 4-12 mm
  • pH values from 5 to 8

Sludge pumps

The WEDA sludge pumps can handle thick, soft, wet mud or other similarly viscous mixtures of liquids and solids, especially the product of an industrial or refining process.

Applications: water containing mud, sludge or light slurry, tank clean-out, trench and pond cleaning, and mining.

  • Specific gravity up to 1,4
  • Bottom side discharge design
  • Solid handling 25-50 mm
  • pH values from 5 to 8

Slurry pumps

The WEDA slurry pumps are the toughest, and have the largest apertures to facilitate handling of slurry with the most challenging solids.

Applications: abrasive media with high solids content, quarries, dredging and settling ponds.

  • Specific gravity up to 1,7
  • Bottom side and top discharge design
  • Solid handling 20-60 mm
  • pH values from 2 to 10

Pump Sizing Calculator

3 steps away from finding the pump you need

Pump performance calculation

With a few inputs, this pump sizing calculator will help you to compare dewatering submersible models and find the right one for you. Three simple steps and you will get a pump performance calculation. This pump sizing tool gives you a broad overview of the product characteristics, its performance curve and power rating. It’s not just a generic pump curve calculator, this tool takes your application data and comes up with the most suitable model among all available options within the WEDA range.

Drainage, sludge or slurry. Atlas Copco’s new pump sizing calculator will find the pump you need in a few clicks!

Purchasing of a
Dewatering Pump Solutions

Purchasing dewatering pump equipment makes sense where you would like to have outright ownership of the pumps, and wish to reduce the total overall cost of the dewatering pump installation. Large capital equipment such as dewatering pumps build equity over time, especially if the equipment is well maintained. Pumping equipment with long lifespans are assets that will grow the value of your business.

Renting of a Dewatering Pump Solutions

Renting dewatering pump equipment offers several major advantages that can be beneficial. This option is particularly suited for applications with carrying dewatering needs or where only sporadic dewatering is required. The dewatering pump rental option also means that the skill and competent IPR team will hand all equipment maintenance ensuring the installation operates hassle free.

Do you need a responsive team that can handle your dewatering rental needs?

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Custom Built
Dewatering Pump Solutions

Each dewatering pump application presents its own challenges, and where standard equipment may not be the most appropriate option, our experienced team of competent engineers can assess individual application requirements and design, engineer and manufacture a bespoke solution to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership for the dewatering pump installation.

Contract Dewatering Solutions

When groundwater infiltration, water runoff or seepage into works threatens to impact progress or safety, IPR has the necessary expertise to design a custom dewatering solution to resolve the challenge. Our team’s depth of knowledge and hands-on experience means we can design the most efficient, cost effective solution to lower risk and assist you in keeping your project on schedule.

Do you need a responsive team that can handle your dewatering needs on a contract basis?

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