SLURRYBLASTER unit for removal of slurry and sediment accumulation on dam walls and inside dams.

Severely silted up ponds and reservoirs can impact on the water storage capabilities of a mine or plant, negatively affecting downstream processes.

Designed and engineered by Integrated Pump Rental, the introduction of the Slurry Blaster Units into the company’s short- and long-term hire fleet will assist mines in on-going maintenance The SlurryBlaster offers mining and plant operations a cost effective cleaning tool for all applications where slurry has become an issue and needs to be washed away. Consider leasing dredging units for a cost-effective solution to your dam cleaning project.

Each installation of the SlurryBlaster comes standard with a 37 kW feed pump with fl oat, a 22 kW slurry pump for the removal of the slurry, a 200 metre heavy duty lay flat hose and an electric control panel. The unit is available on a pontoon, on a trailer or with a support frame for manual use.

Slurry Blaster Dam Cleaning Equipment

Material Build: Mild steel or Stainless steel
Capacity: up to 2800l/min or 46l/s
Inlet Pressure: 7 bar Nominal
Rotation: 360 Deg
Elevation: +70 Deg
Depression: -20 Deg
Max Range: 73m @ 45 deg


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