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The QubePower range of lighting towers, from IPR, includes three different sizes.

World Class Lighting Towers Now at IPR

As a leader in pump dewatering solutions, IPR has added another string to its bow – with a range of quality lighting towers from Olikara. This adds to the one-stop-shop convenience that IPR offers to customers, who frequently need appropriate lighting for sites that operate through the night.

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A pontoon equipped with pump flotation devices and a galvanised walkway.

Pump With the Right Accessories, Advises IPR

Dewatering is not a task that can be conducted with pumps alone; specialised and fit-for-purpose accessories are also vital to achieve the expected result. Dewatering specialist IPR works with customers to ensure they have everything they need, from hoses and valves to flotation devices.

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Submersible pumps have long been a staple in the world of fluid handling and pumping.

Why Submersible Pumps Rise Above the Rest in Fluid Handling

Ruaan Venter, Rental Development Manager at IPR, says that while engineers have various solutions at their fingertips, submersible pumps often stand out especially when compared to vertical spindle pumps. The decision between submersible pumps and vertical spindle pumps comes down to the unique demands of the application in question, but the vast array of benefits submersibles bring to the table present a compelling argument for their widespread adoption across various sectors.

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IPR customers using the Atlas Copco pump selection programme have access to technical support from the company’s pump experts.

Streamlining Pump Selection: The Power of the Atlas Copco Algorithms

The Atlas Copco pump selection programme provides a streamlined approach to pump selection, saving time, costs and effort. By accurately assessing user requirements, performing hydraulic calculations, analysing performance and offering recommendations, this programme – accessed via the IPR website – enables users to choose the optimal pump for their specific needs.

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The cutter fan plays a crucial role in achieving effective agitation and solids handling during arduous pumping applications.

The Role of Cutter Fans in Pump Agitation

Ruaan Venter, Business Development Manager at IPR – the official distributor of Toyo heavy duty slurry pumps in southern Africa, sheds light on the functions and applications of these components, offering valuable insights into their importance in pump systems.

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An important advantage is that the Toyo VH range features a unique agitator design that lifts sediment into suspension, enabling the continuous pumping of media with high solid concentrations.

IPR Offers Versatile Toyo VH Amphibious Pumps for Diverse Applications

Amphibious Toyo VH pumps, available from IPR – the official southern African distributor for this range – are designed to operate effectively in challenging environments. These robust pumps can function both above the water (dry) and under the water (submerged), making them an ideal solution for diverse applications across the mining, oil and gas, construction and agricultural sectors.

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Choosing pumps for dewatering starts with asking the right questions.

Find the Right Pump for Your Dewatering Application

Every project is faster and easier with the right tools, and a job as complex as dewatering a construction, quarrying or mining site is no exception. Finding the appropriate tools, though, starts with asking the right questions, according to industry specialist IPR – the Southern African master dealer for Atlas Copco dewatering pumps. IPR’s product manager, Steve du Toit, gives some practical guidance.

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IPR offers both the Atlas Copco electric submersible pump range as well as the diesel driven pump range.

Five Tips When Choosing a Diesel or Electric Pump

When deciding which pump best meets the needs of your dewatering project, you will be faced with a wide variety of diesel and electric models. Expert Steve du Toit of IPR provides five key insights that will help you understand the respective benefits of a diesel range and an electric range of dewatering pumps.

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With a patented hinged door now a standard feature of Atlas Copco’s PAS and PAC ranges of pumps, a technician can gain access to pump internals within three minutes.

IPR Customers Praise Hinged Door Concept on Atlas Copco Pumps

A simple but brilliant innovation has given Atlas Copco diesel driven dewatering pump sets – distributed locally by dewatering specialist IPR – the edge over their competitors. With a patented hinged door now a standard feature of Atlas Copco’s PAS and PAC ranges of pumps, a technician can gain access to pump internals within three minutes – with no assistance or specialised lifting equipment.

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