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Dredging and Slurry Handling Solution

Dredging and slurry handling applications call for robust pumping solutions engineered to deal with harsh operating conditions while offering high reliability coupled with the lowest total cost of ownership. We have a range of dredging and specialised heavy duty slurry handling equipment, and our team can advise you on the most appropriate solution for your application.

The SlurrySucker with its proven technology makes desilting straightforward and not labour-intensive. It can be conducted by just a couple of operators with the required training. In the case of minerals processing plants the value of the minerals in the silt can often cover the cost of desilting, with the sediment being recycled back into the process plant. 

The SlurryBlaster hydro mining solution offers mining and plant operations a cost effective cleaning tool for all applications where slurry has become an issue and needs to be washed away.

Both the SlurrySucker and the SlurryBlaster are available for outright purchase or for short, medium or long term rental.

The SlurrySucker MK III incorporates the world renowned Toyo heavy duty slurry pump, making it the most efficient and cost effective electrically powered floating dredging system available on the market.

Next-Gen Slurrysucker for Silt-Challenged Water Areas Powered by Toyo

IPR recently launched its new generation dredging system - the SlurrySucker MK III. This powerful unit now incorporates the world renowned Toyo heavy duty slurry pump, making it the most efficient and cost effective electrically powered floating dredge system designed on the market.
The cutter fan plays a crucial role in achieving effective agitation and solids handling during arduous pumping applications.

The Role of Cutter Fans in Pump Agitation

Ruaan Venter, Business Development Manager at IPR - the official distributor of Toyo heavy duty slurry pumps in southern Africa, sheds light on the functions and applications of these components, offering valuable insights into their importance in pump systems.
An important advantage is that the Toyo VH range features a unique agitator design that lifts sediment into suspension, enabling the continuous pumping of media with high solid concentrations.

IPR Offers Versatile Toyo VH Amphibious Pumps for Diverse Applications

Amphibious Toyo VH pumps, available from IPR - the official southern African distributor for this range - are designed to operate effectively in challenging environments. These robust pumps can function both above the water (dry) and under the water (submerged), making them an ideal solution for diverse applications across the mining, oil and gas, construction and agricultural sectors.
Ruaan Venter, Business Development Manager at IPR, with heavy duty Toyo DPH pump and hydraulic excavators.

IPR Adds Toyo Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps to Its Line-up

In another boost to its market offering, IPR now distributes the Toyo heavy duty slurry submersible pumps in southern Africa. Toyo pumps have been used in Africa for over 50 years, and principal Toyo Pumps Europe will be working closely with IPR to grow the footprint further. IPR will be both selling and renting this popular range of heavy duty pumps.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Hosing and Flotation Systems for Dewatering Projects

Dewatering projects come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that remains constant is the need for accessories like hosing and flotation systems. While these accessories might seem like small details, they play a critical role in ensuring that dewatering operations run smoothly and efficiently.
IPR has more than 200 pumps in its rental fleet which is able to handle almost any pumping task.

Pump Rental Offers Benefits That Are Hard to Beat

While there is sometimes a case for buying dewatering pumps and associated equipment outright, renting offers so many advantages that it should always be given close consideration. This is the view of Lee Vine, managing director of dewatering and dredge pump rental specialist IPR.

Purchasing of a
Dewatering Pump Solutions

Purchasing dewatering pump equipment makes sense where you would like to have outright ownership of the pumps, and wish to reduce the total overall cost of the dewatering pump installation. Large capital equipment such as dewatering pumps build equity over time, especially if the equipment is well maintained. Pumping equipment with long lifespans are assets that will grow the value of your business.

Renting of a Dewatering Pump Solutions

Renting dewatering pump equipment offers several major advantages that can be beneficial. This option is particularly suited for applications with carrying dewatering needs or where only sporadic dewatering is required. The dewatering pump rental option also means that the skill and competent IPR team will hand all equipment maintenance ensuring the installation operates hassle free.

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Custom Built
Dewatering Pump Solutions

Each dewatering pump application presents its own challenges, and where standard equipment may not be the most appropriate option, our experienced team of competent engineers can assess individual application requirements and design, engineer and manufacture a bespoke solution to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership for the dewatering pump installation.

Contract Dewatering Solutions

When groundwater infiltration, water runoff or seepage into works threatens to impact progress or safety, IPR has the necessary expertise to design a custom dewatering solution to resolve the challenge. Our team’s depth of knowledge and hands-on experience means we can design the most efficient, cost effective solution to lower risk and assist you in keeping your project on schedule.

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