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IPR - Your Pump & Dredging Specialist

We cater for all sectors of industry including underground and surface mining, quarrying, construction, wastewater, energy, petrochemical, oil and gas, engineering and general industry across Africa.

We are known for our agility with a proven track record of offering customers quick and easy access to a comprehensive range of dewatering pump, dredging and hydro mining solutions either for outright purchase or rental.

Our Services:

  • Project consultation and needs assessment
  • Integrated engineering/engineering solutions
  • Purchase or rental of sludge, slurry or dewatering pumps
  • Purchase or rental of diesel driven pump sets
  • Purchase or rental of dredging units
  • Purchase or rental of hydro mining unit
  • Purchase or rental of pump accessories
  • Maintenance and service of both purchased and rental equipment
  • Installation and on-site operation
  • Engineering services including custom builds
  • Major servicing and repairs on dewatering pump equipment to OEM specifications
  • Refurbishment of dewatering pump equipment to OEM specifications

Typical Applications for IPR equipment include:

  • Slurry and solids handling
  • Sewage diversion and bypass pumping
  • Construction site dewatering
  • Dam and pond cleaning and dredging
  • Settlement catchment area dredging
  • Sump drainage
  • Water transfer
  • Sludge mixing
  • Underground and surface mine dewatering
  • Opencast pit dewatering