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Round-the-Clock Dewatering – As a dedicated rental company, Integrated Pump Rental caters specifically to the needs of customers who benefit from renting their pump or dredging solutions.

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Our Fleet of Dewatering Equipment and Dredging Equipment for Rent

Grindex Electric Pumps

Tough, durable effective dewatering solutions

Sykes Diesel Pumps

 Self-priming diesel pumps for when power is not available

IPR Dredging Equipment

 The SLURRY SUCKER – when water retention capacity is threatened

Floatation Devices

Pump Floatation Devices (PFD) suspend and prevent the pump from burrowing into the bottom of the dam, stope or pond during pumping operations.

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generators

Mobile Diesel generators provide power on the most remote sites.

Engineering Solutions

Engineered solutions to solve every problem

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Integrated Pump Rental

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Real Advantages

There are real cost-saving reasons to rent or lease your dewatering solutions from IPR!

No Financial Outlay

Rented units aren’t added to the balance sheet and are deductible as a company expense. Cash flow is also not adversely affected as there is no large capital outlay.

Immediate Availability

Our extensive fleet means you have immediate access to the perfect solution. This convenience brings lower logistical demands and immediate solutions.

Minimum Downtime

During maintenance cycles or inspections, testing and repair downtime, unit swap-outs are easy and our 24/7 support means that repairs can be affected quickly.

Low Running Costs

Pump ownership incurs additional costs: labour, training, maintenance & spares. When you rent, we handle the maintenance so that you can control your costs better.

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